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Company helps veterans get care they deserve

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photos-american-flag-hands-image29225988Thousands of aging veterans and their spouses are entitled to benefits that can help pay for their care. But far too many don’t know it, or don’t know how to go about getting it.

That’s where Veterans Care Coordination comes in.

Since 2005 Kyle Laramie’s company has remained dedicated to helping U.S. veterans and their spouses obtain the Veterans Administration’s Pension with Aid and Attendance benefit to which they are entitled – as much as $25,020 annually that can help pay for home care, assisted living and nursing home care.

“We’ve helped over 8,500 people access their benefits,” Laramie said.

Laramie, himself the grandson of a World War II veteran, said about one in every three seniors in the United States is a veteran or a spouse of a veteran.

“That’s a huge number,” he said.

To keep up with the demand for assistance, VCC has grown from just five employees in 2011 to more than 50.

To be eligible for the Pension with Aid and Attendance benefit, a veteran must have served at least 90 days of active duty and at least one day during a wartime period. Income-to-medical expense ratios and asset requirements also must be met.

“We take each person through an 8-step process,” Laramie said.

Those steps can take months to complete, but benefits can begin immediately, thanks to Veterans Care Coordination.

“If someone cannot afford home care, we can provide an interest free loan to pay for the care while the Veterans Administration is processing the claim,” Laramie said.

At no time is the beneficiary charged for applying for benefits.  Once the money comes in, VCC is reimbursed for the home care service provided through a network provider, one of which is Home Helpers.

Headquartered in Lake St. Louis, Mo., Veterans Care Coordination serves veterans and their spouses all over the United States, including right here in Hinsdale.

Money from the Pension with Aid and Attendance benefit can be used for services provided by Home Helpers, including transportation, grocery shopping, light housekeeping, meal preparation and personal care.

For more information, contact VCC at veteranscarecoordination.com, or call (800) 380-4400. Be sure to mention that you are speaking with Home Helpers, Hinsdale, regarding care for your loved one.




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