Al Kohout is in the memory business.

Since opening his Westmont-based company, now known as Alkaye Media Group, in 1979, Kohout and his staff have helped families preserve, share, restore and showcase their photos, recordings and videos.

“We like to call ourselves video historians. Sometimes I feel like we have a museum because we have so much of the older technologies on hand to help people preserve cherished moments” Kohout said.

The staff at Alkaye Media can take old photos, slides, movies, videos and even audio recordings and convert them into DVDs, digital files or even save them to the cloud. Unlike printed photos, these formats won’t erode, and they can be easily shared and enjoyed for generations to come.

Families sometimes lack the equipment needed to listen to old audio recordings or to watch old films or slides. Kohout has all the tools needed to access the materials, restore them and preserve them in a new format.

His staff understands that every snapshot and home movie is a special memory and care is taken with each and every one.

Sometimes families simply want to archive their memories. Other times, Kohout is called upon to package those memories for a special occasion. Videos and slide shows can be created for graduations, weddings, memorial services and more. Customers can add music or narration, superimpose text or use special effects, all with the help of experts at Alkaye Media.

Whatever the customer’s needs, Alkaye Media is there to meet them.

“We’re a custom company all the way through,” Kohout said.

To get a project started, call (630) 971-8700 to talk to a member of the Alkaye Media staff. They’ll answer all your questions and ensure that those precious memories will continue to stand the test of time.