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Home Care Jobs: Preparing Yourself for the Senior Caregiving Journey

It can be difficult to accept that your dad or mom needs senior care. Just as your parents cared for you when you were young, the time may come when you will be called upon to return the favor.

You may prefer to care for your parents personally, but with jobs, children and other responsibilities, that isn’t always possible.

If you’re afraid of what other people may say when you hire an in-home caregiver for your loved one, don’t be. America’s aging population is growing at a rapid rate, which means more and more families will require help to provide the care their loved one needs.

More and More American Families Are Requiring Senior Care Services

When people go through a major life change – graduation, marriage, parenthood, etc. – a period of preparation is necessary to ensure the change causes as little disruption as possible. However, people are rarely given the opportunity to prepare for the care of an aging loved one. Before it happens, let these tips help you get ready for your new role.

Talk to your aging loved one early and often

Understand what your parents want to happen as they age. Don’t assume what they want – ask. The more involved your parents are in the conversation, the better. Avoid letting the discussion become an argument. Control the tone of the conversation, and talk about the need for it. Highlight the positives.


Learn about the different types of care and payment options. Like it or not, budget is going to be a primary factor in selecting the right senior care service for your loved one. Consult a financial advisor, elder law attorney, and senior care manager if necessary. You can find a list of trusted professionals here.

Long-term care insurance can be used to pay for most forms of care, including in-home assistance. Life Care Funding can help turn a loved one’s life insurance policy into money to pay for care, and wartime veterans may be eligible for benefits. Veterans Care Coordination can tell you more.

Start slowly

Resistance is normal. Try to introduce the idea of senior care slowly and in small pieces. For example, hire a caregiver to come in just once or twice a week. This may allow your loved one to get used to the idea of needing help.

Take care of yourself as well

Many adult children burn themselves out when caring for their elderly parents. You won’t be able to tend to others if you disregard your own needs. That’s the easiest way to frustration, and you can end up blaming your aging parents in the process. Be proactive about caregiving as your parents age and require help.

Senior care options

Rest assured, you have plenty of options when it comes to senior care, from assisted living to home care, and more. If you decide on in-home care for your loved one, Home Helpers Home Care of Hinsdale can ensure topnotch quality care.

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