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“The most helpful part about the service from Home Helpers is that the caregiver is someone who my mother can trust. The caregiver is consistent, so my mother is comfortable with her. I have peace of mind knowing she is there with my mother and that I have an extra pair of eyes.”

Suzann, Western Springs, Dec. 2016


“I didn’t know who I was getting when I was interviewed, but Home Helpers took my requests and problems down and matched me with Peggy. It was a good match! My caregiver from Home Helpers is always very willing to help me. She is so darn pleasant, and it is just nice to have someone like that around.”

Anne, Western Springs, Dec. 2016


“The services have been very helpful for both us and my mom. We don’t worry about my mom, and they solve our concerns. It makes life simpler. She gets her to do things that she wouldn’t even do with family members.”

Mary, Dec. 2016


“We appreciate your company so much. You are all a pleasure to work with and it feels like a true partnership.  We have never had this before. Thank you very much for helping to make our moms days pleasant and meaningful and for providing the comfort for her children knowing mom is in loving hands.”

Eileen, Indian Head Park



“We have had nothing but a terrific experience with Home Helpers and its caregivers. My mom enjoyed her time with her caregiver; she made her laugh and smile every time they were together.”

Christine, LaGrange Park


“I wish we could have our caregiver forever. She goes the extra mile.”

Karen, Westmont


“I want to express our appreciation for the wonderful service and staff you provide. Molly’s quiet, gentle help has been greatly appreciated. I know that it has reduced my parents’ stress and lessened the burden greatly.”
Debbie, Hinsdale


“Home Helpers has improved my quality of life by keeping the house orderly and clean.”

Harry, Western Springs


“I can leave the home, and not worry about Mom being taken care of. The care from Home Helpers gives me some freedom.”

Marie, LaGrange


“It is important to have an agency that is there for you whenever you need them. Home Helpers will find you a caregiver, has licensed nurses, and qualified caregivers to deal with the elderly.”

Ann, Westchester


“Home Helpers has helped me not have to be there all the time. I can enjoy quality time with my mom. Our caregivers do more of the mundane tasks so that everyone’s quality of life is improved.”

Lorraine, LaGrange Park


“Home Helpers does a great job and is reliable. They are my first choice for my loved ones. Sometimes they are better than even family.”

Mary, LaGrange


“Our caregivers are able to keep my husband’s mind sharp. They are able to exercise his mind. They know how to help my husband, as he has dementia. Our caregivers from Home Helpers are patient, loving, and concerned. They think only of my husband and how they can improve his life.”

Joan, LaGrange Park 


“Thank you for all the help you gave me throughout my husband’s illness and death. I couldn’t have done it alone. My family is grateful for your help! You have a great staff.”

Mary, Western Springs


“The professional, capable and reliable caregivers at Home Helpers were able to establish a consistent team, which has been important to Mom. They’ve given great peace of mind to our family, knowing we have some freedom, but not at the expense of Mom’s care and security. Very pleased!”

Dave, Western Springs


“Our family is a close one and we take pride in looking after one another. As our father aged and we needed more help to look after him as he deserved, we turned to Home Helpers. Although our involvement with Home Helpers was brief, as Dad passed away soon after we enlisted their services, the experience was a good one. We especially want to applaud the efforts of Tina, Director of Medical Services, who went above and beyond her professional duties to look after us the day Dad died. She is a bright and shining example of the best people can be, and we thank her very much for all the comfort and guidance she gave us. Just remarkable! We would also like to extend our thanks to Fran, for her upbeat and knowledgeable standards. She had Dad eating out of her hand immediately and we know he enjoyed working with her. Our doctor’s office recommended Home Helpers to us and we were not disappointed in the great service and caring attitude they offered us. Thanks for making life a little easier at a trying time.”

Carole, LaGrange Park


“Thank you so much for your assistance in obtaining a caregiver in such a short notice. I appreciate all your efforts. Taking care of the elderly, even if it is your loved one, can be stressful but with the help of Home Helpers it has made it easier.”
Sylvia, Westchester


“I want to thank you for everything you did on Saturday for mom. You clearly went beyond the call of duty. I really admire your wonderful approach. You so expertly got mom out of bed, bathed her and assisted in dressing and leading her out of the bedroom and she never realized it wasn’t her idea or effort.”
Karen, Bolingbrook


“We can’t express how much you’ve meant to us over the weeks and months as we went through such difficult times. You enabled us to have the best possible situation for our mom, us and our family and friends. Your staff was kind, caring, sincere and sensitive. You have a gift for this field and we thank you for sharing it with us.”
Kathy & Colleen, Western Springs


“Must tell you what a big helper Edie was to me! She did everything I asked of her and made me feel I had the best!”
Grace, Westchester


“Thank you for such excellent and prompt service. Both Bob and I were totally pleased with every aspect of the care that we received through your service. Henrietta was excellent. Without such efficient help, my recovery would have been even slower. The important thing was that it gave my husband some free time and no worries.”
Elise, Western Springs


“I want to sincerely thank you for the care that you provided my mother. On incredibly short notice, you provided compassionate and capable care. The care you provided my mother and the peace of mind you gave my sisters and me was invaluable.”
Alicia, Western Springs


“Thanks so much for all you’ve done for me.”
Eleanor, Western Springs


“Josephine called us last night and had nothing but good things to say about you! She really likes Tammy! There was something changed in her voice, a feeling of ease. This is so wonderful and we are grateful to you and so glad to have found you.”
Michelle, La Grange


“I am very thankful to you and your employees for all the help that you have been to us. It has meant all the difference between frustration and being able to cope with our living arrangements.”
Kathy, La Grange Park


“We thank you for all the fine help you and your organization provided mom for the last few weeks of her life.”
Steve, La Grange Park


“Thank you for the wonderful care you provided for my mom over the past six months. She felt secure knowing that someone kind and caring would be there to get her up or help her to bed or help with her bathroom duties. She enjoyed the women you chose to care for her. They were great. I cannot thank you enough or praise your company more highly!”
Lynette, Western Springs


“Thank you for all you do. You touch many people’s lives in a positive way and we, for one, are very appreciative.”
Ed and Linda, Western Springs