We are a guest in your home. We will respect your home, property and most importantly the privilege of caring for your family member.


We understand having a caregiver in your home can feel very strange at first. We will get comfortable together before long. If after some time it feels like “the wrong fit” please let us know. This is all about improving your quality of life and your being happy is most important.


Don’t relinquish your role or control to us. We want to learn from you how you want things done. We are professional, trained caregivers but we want this to be adapted to you!


The caregiver will follow the Care Plan that we have developed together. It is a detailed plan outlining the care to be given. Anyone who is providing care will be required to follow this detailed Care Plan. Otherwise it is confidential. A copy will be left in your home in a white binder and the caregiver will have reviewed it before meeting you.


You are in charge! If care is not going the way you believe it should be, please call the Home Helpers office immediately at (630) 323-7231 to discuss your concerns. It is our intention for this care to be excellent. Anything short of excellent is not acceptable!


Caregivers meals. This is unique to each case. Let’s talk about it ahead of time. Often the caregiver will bring their own lunch. Sometimes, for socialization, families like the caregiver and client to prepare a meal and eat together. For live-in cases, it can be a combination of both. Whatever is comfortable for you is what we will arrange.


We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Home Helpers’ owner and Registered Nurse Mary Doepke, is available to answer your questions at any time. Our office number is (630) 323-7231. Mary can be reached after hours at (708) 466-4788.


Our Case Manager will drop in unannounced on occasion to check on our caregiver and to be certain things are going well. Please let us know if this is ever a problem for you.