healing touch logo - editedKaty Boyce’s interest in natural medicine and holistic healing began long before she started her Healing Touch practice, HealthSpring Healing Touch, a business that offers healing of the body, mind and spirit through energy therapy.

Healing Touch was started in the 1980s by Janet Mentgen, a nurse healer, who had the ability to see peoples’ energy. In working with her patients, Mentgen was able to assess what areas of the body were lacking energy and where energy was pent up. The Healing Touch curriculum she developed teaches practitioners how to work with a client’s energy to put them in the best place to heal.

A Healing Touch session involves carefully listening to a client’s medical history, lifestyle challenges, and current symptoms and concerns, followed by table time, where a client lies relaxed, fully clothed on a massage table. During the treatment Katy enlists the use of a pendulum in addition to her hands to assess the state of the client’s energy.

Because Healing Touch therapy requires nothing but your hands and heart-centered attention, it can be done anywhere, any time in any part of the world.

Working from her office in Hinsdale, Katy is one of thousands of practitioners worldwide who are trained in Healing Touch and certified at the national level. Many of these healers come from the nursing profession.

“We are all energetic beings,” said Boyce, who describes pain as “congested energy.” Her Healing Touch therapy works to move, open, balance, connect and re-energize a person’s energy system, thus putting them in the optimum place to heal.

Healing Touch is effective in reducing anxiety and stress, the cornerstones of many disease states. It also decreases pain, both chronic and acute, and shortens wound-healing time. Healing Touch can also help people recover from illness and injury. People undergoing cancer treatment can find relief from nausea, fatigue and other side effects through Healing Touch.

Because of its calming effects, Healing Touch can also help those nearing the end of life, making their journey just a little easier.

Katy said she has found older adults to be especially open to the idea of healing energy. Those she has treated have found relief from anxiety, arthritis, joint pain and stiffness, as well as from other conditions that often accompany aging.

The physical and emotional stress of caregiving can also be relieved through Healing Touch.

The treatment itself is done using light touch, or no touch at all, if the client prefers. Katy feels even the initial Healing Touch consultation is therapeutic.

“In our busy, stressed-out world it’s nice to have a place where someone takes the time to truly listen,” Katy said.

To schedule a consultation, call (630) 926-6787 or email Katy at kerb23@gmail.com.